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Creativity rewards children
The Golden Age
rewards children
Childhood in many ways recalls this period for the freedom of experimentation, of discoveries. Age in which the whole world unfolds before our eyes full of opportunities to learn and create new certainties. A legacy of imagination and imagination that, if heard, allows us to see a world full of new colors and dreams that adults have forgotten, but which can be of enormous inspiration especially in an event like this that lives in design and futuristic looks. Our project is therefore to treasure the deep and free wisdom of children. to be able to bring out these days we will give them stimuli, ideas and experiences often forgotten but that are also part of our fabric of values. In collaboration with important national realities, we will teach them the art of baking, the processes of cheese making and the value of what is done well and what is done good.
Godmother of the event
Caterina Crepax, daughter of art, was born in Milan in 1964 and grew up in an atmosphere full of suggestions and imagination. Interior architect, "sculpts" with paper sumptuous clothes with surprising details refined objects of desire. With particular attention to recycling, the reuse of paper materials of common use, like the arid waste of the bureaucracy - fiscal receipts, shredded documents, perforated edges of computer printouts or scrap of typography jobs.
She loves the ironic game of metamorphosis, of their transformation into precious "fabrics". Cuts, folds, curls, pleats, puffs and inlays that give life to magical creatures, sometimes illuminated inside them, paper armor fragile and aggressive, sculptural clothes that often take inspiration from animal or vegetable world or elements of architectural decoration, almost "emptied chrysalis of a body of which they conserve the memory".