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Light designer - Art director

Adriana Lohman is a light designer and light creator, who designed and produced glamorous, emotional and sustainable lamps and lighted sculptures, characterized by the influences from fashion world, bio-design and noble second hand materials. Her creations have an eclectic design and they are realized in exclusive materials. Her creations are emotional and it seems they are like jewel.
Adriana realizes each single piece by hand and in limited edition. Her lights adorn prestigious locations all over the world like for instance the Hotel Melìa in Dubai, the Luxottica flagship store in Sidney and she also gives fascinating touches to photographic sets, TV productions with multiple materials and shapes that works well both with classic and modern styles, as with Baroque and pop styles.

Who rebels himself self-produces

Milano Makers Association (MIMA) is a non-profit association born in 2012. It is addressed to independent producers, designers and creatives without geographic borders and it gives them the possibility to exhibit their artworks and comes out from the crowd through various exhibitions and fairs.


Geovana Clea is originally from Maceio, the northwestern capital of Alagoas in Brazil and lives in Italy, the artist was awarded by the SNBA jury, (Societé National des Beaux Art of Paris since 1861) at the Louvre in 2014, during the Paris Fine Arts Salon. He has also exhibited in international scenarios such as Basel, Lisbon, Los Angeles, New York, Milan and also at the 54th Venice Biennale. We thank the sponsors Swarovski and Gobbetto who supported the artist in the production, the company Santero winery, EOTW Gallery and Brazilian stylist Napoleao Cesar who always dresses the artist during his exhibitions. Stardust part 2, a selection of works created from 2014 to 2018 and presented for the first time at the Wunderkammer of Visionnaire Design Gallery in Piazza Cavour in Milan in 2015. The abstract and conceptual material become an hymn to the earth: the art of Geovana Clea is a tribute to God for the whole beauty given through nature. Geovana has an art that makes the colors, bright and vivid, the vibrations of the soul, drawn on the canvas with decision and compositional firmness, playing a lot on the intensity of colors, going to outline shapes and lines that go into another dimension, evocative, evocative and incisive. We can not do not move in front of paintings that live on a composite material, with a dense and luminous brightness penetrating, Geovana is an authoritative and recognizable artist, in this particular collection, the artist is inspired by the river of Piacenza Trebbia, represented by the resin, its crystal waters, but also by the crystals joined by white quartzes collected by the artist on the banks of the river, a magical experience lasting two years and finalized in a collection of an aesthetic significance that translates beauty and immensity, joyful and human. The works of Geovana are a hymn to the earth as a mother, to the elements, which she herself goes on to cover on canvases that compose it, in a spiral that brings us back the enthusiasm of being part of a universe, explicating the universe in compositions that go beyond the dimension of the work, as infinite as they are universal. Conceptual abstractionism becomes a coherent and constant language of an Esperanto that unites our visions, bringing us to live landscapes and perspectives as new as they are unknown, interiors as real and tangible.


la murrina is a symbol of excellence in furniture and design with unique glass products “Made in Murano”. Thanks to its strong roots and high artisan skills, the company operates in the high-end market combining tradition, design and technology. The story of the company dates back to the 1960s in Murano where there was a small furnace managed by a group of glass-worker masters. The company started realizing prestigious objects in blown glass created by the owners of the furnace. In 1974, the property of the furnace came under the control of a family from Milan, who already produced items for lighting in glass and metal. Hence, the company started to be managed as a corporation. “la murrina” trademark was registered all around the world and its collections started to spread worldwide. In 2000, la murrina had its first collaborations with famous designers and architects who extended the production with their contemporary design collection realized in accordance with old glass blowing techniques. Today, la murrina continues to propose new projects and products which shows its leading position in the market. Thanks to its high-value know-how and savoir-faire in the Italian design, la murrina addresses to the interior design market, continuing its collaborations with important projects that boost the creation of new collections. The company’s development strategy mainly consists in perpetuating the brand internationalization. la murrina provides custom-made


She graduated in 1992 at the Faculty of Architecture of the Milan Polytechnic forming following the courses of Achille Castiglioni and Attilio Marcolli. After a working experience in New York from 1993 to 1995 as Interior Designer, she has returned to Milan and opens an architectural, interiors, installations, television design studio and theater sets. Together with the projects for private houses, she develops interest in art, light and their expression in the installation, devoting herself to the study of projects in which express the complexity of visual perception. In 1997, she creates a collection of handcrafted objects with a metal fabric used for mechanic filters, with great interest from the public and from here it derived various publications in trade magazines such as: MARIE CLAIRE, CASE DA ABITARE, CASA AMICA, GB PROGETTI. Since 2001 she is working as a set designer for RAI television in Milan, creating sets for entertainment and promotional programs. From 2005 to 2008 she designed numerous temporary architectures for several leading companies, such as Dom Perignon, Moet & Chandon, Roberto Cavalli House, Nespresso And Belvedere Vodka, winning the 2006 Best Event Awards. "The interest in art and its expression in the installation, the love for the scenographic artifice, the baroque architecture, the complexity of visual perception and the use of its principles in design to amaze, or seduce, have always fascinated myself till the point of becoming a profession. Architecture studies have added the wisdom of scientific rationality. I play with shapes, colors and textures, not only in temporary architecture, but even when I do an architecture project, I always try to overcome the function to reach those degrees of freedom that only imagination can give. "

The emotion of the flame

Ninfea was born from traditional craftsmanship, design and Italian industrial technology. An idea of the craftsman Master “Fumista” (FIReplaces skilled) Mr Massimo Pistolesi and Architect Gionata Gemmi, that Italkero bringing together water and FIRe in a single product, a tailor-made product which you can apply at all your ideas of design.


Unusual forms and artistic inspiration for Moloco, the new free-standing washbasin by Kerasan, part of the new bathroom collection The Factory, designed by architect and designer Fabrizio Batoni, which transforms elements of everyday life, proposing them in new forms to give uniqueness to the bathroom . The fluid line and shapes recall those of a sculpture, without however renouncing the essential functionality of the sink. Moloco is a freestanding washbasin conceived as a single piece, a monolith made of fine ceramic, whose column structure, embellished by the elegant human profile, gives solemnity, making the sink an exhibition accessory.